APEX Data Logger and Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement

Equipped with aero sensing technology and 10 Hz GPS module, APEX is a one-of-a-kind data logger developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is different from other data loggers in the market in that it captures how YOU perform instead of how the bike performs. It measures and records the 3D motion of your ride, including

    • lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees,
    • longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G,
    • speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH),
    • 10 Hz GPS traces, and
    • lap times down to 1/1000 sec.

These essential data help riders analyze their riding style easily, and provide an efficient way to improve the riding skill.

Why Lean Angle Measurement Is Essential

“I know G’s and Speed’s are useful, but why lean angle measurement?” you might ask. Leaning is what differentiates two-wheel vehicles from four-wheel ones. Unlike cars, Motorcycles lean in order to make a turn. Knowing your speeds and G’s without knowing your lean angles is like missing a piece of the puzzle; something might be missing when you are analyzing your riding skill.

“True, but I’ll know how much I am leaning when I graze my knee puck.”, you might say. The point of lean angle measurement is not how far you can lean, but to know exactly how and where you are leaning in a corner. This, plus the acceleration/deceleration G measurement and GPS trace, can clearly mark how hard and how long you are braking before entering a turn, what your cornering speed is, if the throttle is rolled on again before or after exiting the apex, just to name a few. Only when a motorcyclist knows how he/she is handling a turn can he/she master the art of cornering, and thus the skill of motorcycle riding.

Hands-free Lap Timer

Besides collecting and recording essential motion data, SpeedAngle APEX is a hands-free lap timer. It features:

  • Auto Track Search,
  • Auto Start/Finish Setup, no beacons needed,
  • Auto Timer Start,
  • Auto Timer Stop,
  • Auto Data Logging,
  • Auto Lap Report Display, and
  • Auto Sleep

In most cases, once you are on a Track, all you need is power APEX on, and then it will take care of itself. This allows you to focus on the more important things and perform to the best, instead of being distracted by the tool that is supposed to help you.

Top GPS Specification

With -167dBm sensitivity, 72 channels and GPS/GLONASS dual systems, SpeedAngle APEX will be able to catch your trace even under heavy clouds, around tall buildings and in small tracks with tight turns. Your lap times will be even more accurate, and all these are done without an external antenna!

Best Lap Indication

Once you have a new best lap, the whole lap time display area will be highlighted for a pre-designated period of time. Just a glance and you know you have made another progress.

Predictive Time Gap

APEX predicts the time gap of your current lap against your best lap real time. You can choose to display the time gap in bars or digits.

6 Display Modes

APEX provides 6 display combinations for your convenience:

  • Lap time + Speed : used by most racers
  • Lap time + Sector time : with Sector time in focus: great when you are in Qualify
  • Lap time + Sector time : with Lap time in focus: great when you are in Qualify
  • Lap time + Real time lean angle and G : great when you want to see your real time lean angle and G
  • Lap time only in big font : great when you want to focus on lap times
  • No Distraction – Blank screen : great when you are not allowed to read lap times on track

Local Tracks Preloaded

All SpeedAngle Apex timers are loaded with local tracks before they are shipped. There is no need to upload track settings before going to a track.

Start/Finish Auto Set

If you happen to be on a track that your APEX can not recognize, don’t worry. Just let the Auto Set feature set the Start/Finish automatically for you. You will always get your lap times produced.

Track Settings Manageable

You can download the Auto Set Start/Finish settings from the device to PC to modify them, add splits (up to 7) to them, delete them, or save them as files. You can also make your own track settings (up to 15) and upload them to your APEX.

Free Replay and Analysis Software

You can replay your rides log v.s. log or lap v.s. lap with our user-friendly Replay and Analysis software R4 . Here G’s are color coded on the trace, and lean angles are shown real-time with a triangle extending from the bike marker. The motion data are drawn in line graphs. Use the lean angle graph as a reference to find where your turns begin and end. This will provide you with an insight into your cornering skill. You can also open the Lap Time Report to see your lap performance.

Google Earth Replay

With our KMZ converter, you can overlay your logs onto Google Earth and have your rides replayed 3-dimensionally on the satellite photo images of the track. There is no limit to the tracks that can be overlaid onto, as long as they are available on Google Earth. You can see your riding lines against the track border, and a 3D model bike lean and accelerate just as you did. This feature allows you to compare your rides or compare with your friends’ rides as if you are in a virtual race.

Video Overlay

You can download for free or purchase video overlay software from our partners or to do the overlay and make your video look like one from MotoGP.

Easy Installation

Just secure the SpeedAngle APEX mount to your triple clamp with the velcro strips included. Then click your APEX device to the mount with the supplied 3M Dual Lock reclosable fasteners of top bonding strength combination. Easy installation and removal. No wiring or drilling is required.

  • Real time lean angle up to 69 degrees
  • Max degree of left / right lean angles
  • Max angles of the last three turns
  • Real time longitudinal G of acceleration / deceleration up to ±1.5G
  • Real time GPS speed up to 255 MPH / 410 KMH
  • Top GPS speed
  • 10Hz GPS trace mapping
  • 1/1000 second lap time resolution
  • Lap time
  • Sector time
  • Best lap time with time gap
  • Best lap indication
  • Predictive time gap against best lap
  • 6 display modes
  • Auto track search
  • Auto Finish Line setup
  • Auto timer start
  • Auto timer stop
  • Auto data logging
  • Auto lap record display
  • Auto sleep
  • Local tracks preloaded
  • Up to 15 user tracks
  • Up to 7 sector lines in one track (uploaded via software)
  • Track editable via software
  • PC analysis
  • Google Earth 3D replay

Dashboard Dimension : 94.5 mm*70.5 mm*30.5 mm
Dashboard Weight : 150g
Sensor Dimension : 34.5 mm*16.5 mm*7 mm
Sensor Weight : 25g
Power : 3.7V Li-Ion battery
Working Temp Range : 36°F ~ 140°F (2°C ~ 60°C) guaranteed
LCD : 256*128 STN display
Screen Refresh Rate : 20 Hz
Interface : USB 2.0 compatible
Battery Life Time : up to 17 hrs, without backlit
Logs : 254 logs max
Max Log Time : about 50 hrs
Log Resolution : 20 pps for lean angle and G, 10 pps for GPS and speed
Lap Timer Resolution : 1/1000 second
GPS Antenna : built-in
GPS Update Rate : 10 Hz
GPS Sensitivity : -167 dBm tracking
GPS Channels : 72 all-in-view
GPS Start Time : 26 sec average
GPS Speed : 255 MPH (410 KMH) max
Longitudinal G Range : +/- 1.5 G
Lean Angle Range : R/L 69 degrees
Water Resistant

Comparison between APEX and previous model JI100S:

Screen resolution 256*128 130*64
Screen backlight white green
Battery life up to 17 hours up to 14 hours
Memory 50 hrs or 254 logs 7 hrs or 254 logs
Factory preload track A lot 15 in total
User upload track 15
Display mode 5 available with a unified log format:

  • Lap time + speed
  • Lap time + sector time (Sector time in focus)
  • Lap time + sector time (Lap time in focus)
  • Lap time + angle/G
  • Big Lap time only
  • No Distraction (blank screen)
2 available with separate log formats:

  • Timer mode
  • Drive mode
Delete/disable track on device Yes No
Predictive time gap against best lap Yes – shown in digits or bar No
Sensor Dual installation orientations – Horizontal or Vertical Vertical on bike frame
Water resistant Yes No
USB Combined with sensor cable Mini USB
Auto sleep Yes No
Sensor mount Yes No
Device mount Compatible with GoPro mounts SA bracket

Device unit
Device mount set
Sensor mount
APEX user manual
SpeedAngle logo stickers

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