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Sometime in 2005, while a group of motorbike fanatics and an aero technology geek were having fun as usual, a debate arose among their jesting exchange: is it possible to detect the lean angle of a motorcycle in motion? As the debate heated up, an idea started to form: if the aero sensing technology can detect the motion of a missile or an airplane, why not a motorcycle? From then on, these motorcycle fanatics and the aero technology geek never had a day without racking their brains over how to put this idea into reality. This is the story behind the foundation of SpeedAngle Inc.

SpeedAngle Inc. was founded in 2008. We specialize in the detection of motion sports. GMOS, GPS and MOTION Sensing System, is our first product. Equipped with cutting edge aero technology used on missiles and airplanes, it is capable of detecting and recording the motion of a motorcycle, including its lean angle and G-force of acceleration and deceleration. Its GPS module enables it to produce the GPS speed and record its GPS trace. All these motion data can be viewed real time on the dashboard device, as well as be played back as a GPS mapped trace on the computer.

Starting from GMOSJI100, we are committed to developing data loggers that provide riders an innovative way to know his own riding style. Don’t forget to check back on us from time to time for more information.

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