I was playing with my SA timer and testing the sensor. The indicator needle would jump back to 0 when the sensor was still leaned. How come?
The SpeedAngle sensor is optimized for motorcycle motion measurement. That is, to measure the lean angle properly, the sensor has to be leaned with forward movement. If you would like to test your sensor, please hold the sensor horizontally or vertically according to your user manual sensor installation instructions, walk forward, then lean to the left or right while making a turn.

I got 0 degree lean angle mid corner?
Please make sure that your sensor has been installed horizontally or vertically according to your sensor installation instructions.

Please also make sure that the installation location does not turn or vibrate, and that the whole base of the sensor (and both ends of the sensor mount plate if used) has been adhered securely.

Then please update your firmware to ENGR013 or above.

Does firmware ENGR013 (and above) support my single orientation sensor?
Yes! The system will show CONNECTED/NOT CONNECTED where it shows HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL when connected to a dual orientation sensor.

My computer can not recognize my SA timer.
Most likely it is because the driver installation process is not complete. Please download the file below and follow the steps inside to solve the problem.
Connecting Your SA Timer to Your Computer

What software can I use to overlay my logs to my videos?
Please use Dashware or RaceRender 3.

Is SA log of CSV format?
Yes. You can load it to a spreadsheet app like Excel. Just choose comma as separators.

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