GPS Lap Time and Motion Sensing SystemGMOS JI100T is a state-of-the-art data logger developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is capable of recording not only your lap time and track performance, but also the lean angles, G forces, and traces of your ride. Equipped with cutting edge 10Hz GPS module and aero technology, plus our processing algorithm optimized for motorcycles, GMOS JI100T features:

Motion and Trace:

  • Real time lean angle up to 69 degrees
  • Maximum degree of left / right lean angles
  • Max angles of the last three turns
  • Real time longitudinal G of acceleration / deceleration up to ±1.5G
  • Real time GPS speed up to 255 MPH / 410 KMH
  • Top GPS speed
  • 10Hz GPS trace mapping
  • PC analysis

Lap timer (JI100T only):

  • Current lap time
  • Best lap time with time gap
  • Session time
  • Sector time
  • Lap length
  • Auto Track Plan search
  • Auto Finish Line set up
  • Auto timer start
  • Auto timer stop
  • Auto lap data logging
  • Up to 7 Sector Lines in one Track Plan
  • Up to 5 Track Plans
  • Lap time record report with motion data

Once you enter Timer, do nothing (literally!), and GMOS will set the Finish Line and start the timer automatically for you. All the data can be recorded in the built-in memory for up to 7.5 hours or 254 logs, whichever comes first. After your ride, connect the GMOS dashboard unit to your PC to have the logged data downloaded. With the bundled GMOS VR2 software, the GPS trace of your ride can be re-drawn on the computer screen, with all the motion data displayed on the Dashboard Panel and G/Sector Lines/Finish lines mapped on the trace. Open the motion graphs or the lap time report to have further insight into your riding performance.

No more wonder about where your breaking point was, how fast you banked around a corner, or how far you were leaning when you grazed your knee puck. GMOS captures them all for you.  You can load up to five trace files at a time for mutual comparison. Compare with yourself or your friends to improve your riding skill. Or you can have a virtual racing on your computer just for fun!

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