Firmware and R4 Change Log

SpeedAngle R4 for APEX:

Change log 0822 2018 (R4 APEX 009): Improved the folder browsing interface of log downloading.

APEX Firmware:

Change log  (APEX R021)

  • DashApex R021 – THIS UPDATE IS  RECOMMENDED FOR ALL APEX USERS.  It includes the new features of R019 and fixes a bug of R018.  Please unzip before use.
    • It allows users to set a track (1 Finish Line and up to 7 Sectors) manually on a track. With this feature, if you are on a track whose map is not in your APEX, you can set the Finish Line manually at the official Finish Line location besides allowing the timer to set it automatically for you where the starting speed is reached.
    • It now supports 6 Line length. Besides the original 60M and 100M, it also supports 10M, 20M, 30M, and 40M. This is especially helpful if you are on a kart track or even a small temporary track.
    • It also fixes a bug of performance mode which results in timer reboot when entering performance mode if a test record in memory has a certain error.
    • The corresponding User Guide: APEX User Guide R019 R021 2020 0313 .

Change log  (APEX R018):“ THIS UPDATE IS  RECOMMENDED FOR ALL APEX USERS.  Please unzip before use.

  • It adds a whole new Performance Test mode, which allows users to do acceleration, braking, and distance tests. The test result will be shown in a graph against the best record saved in the memory. For more details, please see the corresponding user manual.
  • It adds an additional lap time + sector time display, which allows you to choose to display lap time or sector time in the center main area.
  • At the Lap Time Only Display, it will show real lap time gap against best lap at each sector.
  • It shows at the log review page an Ideal Lap Time calculated by adding the best results of each sector.
  • The System setting has been moved and merged with the Backlight Menu.
  • It also supports Japanese.
  • The corresponding User Guide: APEX User Guide R018 2019 1025.

Change log  (APEX R014): This upgrade is recommended for all users

  • It fixed the problem of intermittent lean angle mid turn reported by some users.
  • It also supports both the original single orientation (horizontal only) sensor and the new dual orientation (horizontal/vertical) sensor. When paired with a dual orientation sensor, the system will show the system sensor orientation setting as SENSOR: HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL/NOT CONNECTED at the “SEARCHING FOR TRACKS…” screen and in the System Menu. When paired with the original single orientation sensor, it will show CONNECTED/NOT CONNECTED instead.
  • The corresponding User Guide: APEX User Guide R013 2018 0801 .

Change log 0822 2018 (APEX R012)This update allows users to view factory preload tracks and user upload tracks on device. Users will also be able to disable any preload track or delete a user upload track directly on device.

Change log 0707 2018 (APEX R008): Added a trace shift feature which allows users to align the trace of a log or a lap with those of other logs in the map area. Also added a software and firmware update notification feature.

Change log 0119 2018 (APEX R006): Fixed the problem of track setting and lap result missing after download.

JI100S Firmware:

Change log 0209 2017 (01.45): Fixed crash problem during replay in certain systems. Added Track Editor option in Menu. Supported file drag-n-drop to load logs.

Change log 1106 2015 (01.35): Adding track download progress indication, and fixing some minor bugs.

Change log 0923 2015 (01.34): Adding a new feature – Device Firmware Update by device users and fixing some bugs. If your device firmware is .51 or above, it is eligible for DFU. Firmware file will be available shortly.

Change log 0522 2015 (01.29): Adding a “Step forward/backward” feature which allows users to see the motion and distance data beside the bike marker point by point.

To start “Step” mode, keep pressing the “Slow” button till it becomes “Step”.

  • Press “Step>” or “<Step” to go to the next or previous point.
  • To end “Step” mode, press “Fast”.

Also, some inconsistency in lap data report has been fixed

Change log 0320 2015 (01.25): Forcing to use US culture setting instead of Windows default culture setting. If your Windows language settings is non-English and is experiencing difficulties showing the trace, please upgrade to R4 01.25.

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